Wanted: Large scale installation pieces to be on display at SOCAP:Designing the Future in Malmö, Sweden, May 8-10, 2012

Art on display at SOCAP:Designing the Future will be viewed by over 400 attendants from around the world for 2 days, featured in our online newsletter that reaches over 10,000, and distributed through our social networks with a reach of over 10,000.

  • Installations should support, illuminate or describe the conference’s theme Designing the Future
  • Installations should be, collectively, larger than 4.5 ft tall and 3 ft wide.
  • No thank you to installations that make noise, reverberate sound, or live performance pieces

Financial compensation unfortunately not available for artists, however;

  • Artists welcome to price their work and will retain 100% of profits from sold work resulting from this venture.
  • Artwork insured by event rider

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