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SOCAP Spotlight: Henrik Sallander, Gro Play Digital

May 10th, 2012


We asked Henrik Sallander, CTO of Gro Play Digital, how he is designing the future.  Here is his answer.

“We’re about to save the world. We don’t just talk about it. We do stuff. Together with all the people engaged in our products we shape the future while having lots of fun.

GRO PLAY DIGITAL offers digital toys, games and content that help children learn about the environment and the sustainability challenges we are facing in an entertaining and inspiring way.

It’s time to combine the best out of gaming and sustainable thinking. GRO is about the future – and it’s fun!”

SOCAP Spotlight: Raymond Peroti, Av Kärlek

May 9th, 2012

We asked Raymond Peroti, Founder/CEO Br.Pr. Projekt manager “AvKärlek” how he is designing the future.  Here is his answer:

“I strongly believe that a shared passion or way of expression is a great remedy against a prejudiced mind.
In the future I would like to hold “Passion based cross cultural dialogs”

SOCAP Spotlight: Vincenzo Capogna & Francesco Fuso Nerini, Bright Idea

May 9th, 2012

We asked Vincenzo Capogna & Francesco Fuso Nerini, of Bright Idea, how they are designing the future.  Here is their answer:  ”


We want to design a future in which Kerosene lighting has been eradicated in Adrica and substituted by solar lighting.  We want the barriers (like access to finance) to the mass adoption of this technology to be brought down to ensure safe lighting and affordable energy in the African continent.

SOCAP Spotlight: Olle Bjerkås, The Borderland

May 9th, 2012

We asked Olle Bjerkås, concept developer at The Borderland how he is designing the future.  Here is his answer:

 “Transformation and evolution is happening all around us.
By connecting our inner selves to the world around us and to each other, we will give birth to a world more like a home to the soul. Your, mine and our.

Design is a conscious choice, to alter, to add, to remove. To see what happens; learn, listen, adapt & create. To test, to play, to be concrete and DO. Not to think and talk. To DO.

The future ahead of us will bear the marks of our fantasies, dreams, thoughts but most of all our actions.

I design the future through event’s where the distance between dreams and reality, imagination and action; is shortened. I lead groups through the process of evolution and transformation, giving the setting and tool necessary to play, jam, game, lab, hack and co-create.

I design the future through events, spaces and communities such as:
Guerilla Gardening Göteborg – Growing plants in urban Gothenburg.
Global Sustainability Jam – 1500 people all over the world getting together to design sustainable products & services in 48 hours.
Gigantic Spontaneous Party – Thousands of people spontaneously having a party at a central location.
The Borderland – The first Swedish Burning Man event.
The Castle of Bräschen – Collaborative living space
The Tool Library – Prototype of a p2p tool lending community.

I see that in order to be a good designer, i need to connect the deepest perspectives, with the widest. Finding the value in the far fetched, and giving life to the dull.”

SOCAP Spotlight: Johan Sundholm, The Microfinance Institute

May 9th, 2012

We asked Johan Sundholm, COO of The Microfinance Institute how he is designing the future.  Here is his answer: “The Microfinance Institutes borrowers belong to the group with strong business ideas that have difficulty getting access to capital in the credit markets. To support the individual’s path to self-sufficiency microfinance is used as a method, where microcredit is part of that process. This is a relatively new business model and an innovative approach that stimulates and increases the creativity to find alternative solutions to social challenges. Interest has in recent years increased sharply for this tool when it comes to social and financial integration of people in social exclusion.”