17:00 – Pre-Registration & Opening Evening Party (Greenmatmarknad Market & Restaurant)

8:00 – Registration & Breakfast
9:00 – Welcome & Opening Keynote
10:45 – Break-out & Opening Space Sessions
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Break-out & Opening Space Sessions
14:30 – Mainstage Plenary
15:45 – Break-out & Opening Space Sessions
17:30 – Mainstage Plenary
19:00 – Evening Party (Rådhuset Town Hall)

– Registration & Breakfast

9:00 – Mainstage Keynote
11:00 – Break-out & Opening Space Sessions
12:15 – Lunch
13:15 – Mainstage Plenary
14:30 – Break-out & Opening Space Sessions
16:15 – Mainstage Keynote and Closing Remarks

The following are the core themes that will be covered at SOCAP: Designing the Future.


What are the best creative market-based solutions to the complex, interconnected issues of youth unemployment, immigrant inclusion and providing for the needs of a growing aging population? A new kind of investment fund is teaching skills, creating jobs, and funding new enterprises for youth and immigrants. We bring together leading private and public sector actors from around the world with new innovators from the United States and across Europe to share ways to improve individual lives, boost the economy, and ensure the stability of social welfare systems.


The economy of the future will have to work for both people and the planet; dissolving siloed approaches that focus only on the planet or only on social problems. Investing within planetary growth boundaries is complex and calls for new, multidisciplinary partnerships that break down traditional barriers between environmentalists and socially focused Impact Investors. We bring together valuable strangers – from young world changing entrepreneurs, to experienced investors, and world-renowned scientists from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and experts from National Geographic. We will work at using investment to solve both social and ecological problems within a holistic framework, as funders focused on the environment learn to partner with investors focused on market-based solutions to poverty.


Throughout Europe, public funding is drying up. At the same time, the need for social services is growing. How do we keep society functioning in this new climate? New kinds of public-private partnerships are arising, using innovative new models of social enterprise and Impact Investment to fill the gap. The UK has experienced a precipitous decline in public funding and has created more new innovations than anywhere in Europe — from the Big Society Bank (potentially Europe’s largest social investment vehicle) to Social Impact Bonds — that change the rules for success and failure in problem neighborhoods. We will examine these new, promising and replicable innovations and experiments.


Getting to the future we want requires social enterprise to grow fast enough and large enough to meet the challenges of the future; to scale at the pace of the world’s problems. We’ll explore new models for funding, hear stories from the field from entrepreneurs and investors, and share tools for increasing impact and consumer demand. We’ll focus on the emergence of the blended value economy, where invest, give and share to create value; some value shows up on the balance sheet, some shows up in a safe neighborhood, and some in clean air and water.