Ajaita Shah, Frontier Markets Consulting Inc.

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Frontier Markets. Ajaita have 5 years of microfinance experience as a Credit Plus Manager at Ujjivan Financial Services, and Director for Swayam Krishi Sangam (SKS). She consulted with the Social Performance Task Force through CGAP and Ford Foundation, Mastercard Foundation and the World Bank about microfinance in South Asia.


Frontier Markets is a sales, marketing and service distribution company with a mission to reach Base of the Pyramid (BOP) households in emerging markets. Frontier Markets works with local partner channels like microfinance institutions and locally trained field staff to educate, relate, and reach households providing them access to high social impact and affordable products, and customer service. They have set up their own wholesale points and franchises to reach target consumers and become first movers for new products and innovation. Frontier Markets have started operations in rural India and are working with clean energy products like solar lighting and smokeless stoves. Frontier Markets’ innovative marketing and sales channel will open new opportunities for manufacturers to create affordable and relevant products for rural markets. Frontier Markets becomes THE scale solution for manufacturers creating products for rural markets, focusing on areas like clean energy, healthcare, and livelihoods.  Frontier Markets is currently operating in rural Rajasthan where they have reached 40,000 households and started earning revenue. Frontier Markets’ mission is to provide over 10 million products to 30 million households in India by 2016, and become a global leader in rural distribution and products for BOP households.


Ajaita has been passionate about social entrepreneurship, bridging countries, and impact. While working in microfinance, she wanted to expand her  reach to low-income households and decided to try new distribution models, to provide access to energy, healthcare and clean water. Born in NY, but Indian, Ajaita has spent that last few years working in Indian rural villages to understand more.