Eva-Lena Skalstad, Lapland Vuollerim

Executive Director

Eva-Lena Skalstad has been a true entrepreneur throughout her whole working career. She was brought up in a family running a small-scale enterprise. She was employed as the youngest sales manager ever at West Swedish farmers association 1987 and became the company’s first environmental director 1994. Later, she worked as cooperate strategist at Odal, one of the Nordic area’s largest cooperate societies within food, energy, machinery and agriculture. Eva-Lena’s main assignment was to form strategies and to initiate work for sustainable development and to analyse the contextual needs.This was done in close cooperation with the management and board. Since 1999 she is a full time self-employee building and part taking in national networks and development projects on sustainability. Consultant for companies and individuals in developing processes and sustainability.


Her educational background is within farming and environmental studies at Gothenburg University. Other educations, for examples “Intrapreneurship – to be an entrepreneur as employed” and the one year education on change processes and development at the Institute for Life and Work in Växjö. She has also taken part in developing a concept of personal leadership together with others entrepreneurs.


During the last years Eva-Lena has been working on a consultant basis for the rural development village owned company Visions in the Vuollerim Area, VIVA. Both as coordinator during the development phase of Hotel Vuollerim and later to market the Vuollerim area and make it known to the public through the company Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You. Eva-Lena is very committed to rural development and cooperation, trusting the potential in all people.


Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You markets the unexplored pearls touching the Arctic Circle in Vuollerim, Swedish Lapland. Here visitors have the opportunity to directly experience the arctic lifestyle of Sweden’s far north while enjoying five- star experiences and world class hospitality all year round! Here you are welcomed, not only by the Hotels but by the entire village! Lapland Vuollerim is a new socially responsible business owned by Villagers and reinvest 100% of our profits into the local economy and resources.


The village company Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You is the result of a fresh initiative by an entire region, where people have a rich history of rolling up their sleeves, coming together and working with the regions best interest at heart.


This village of 800 people is now home to five cooperatively owned village companies, around 50 associations and as many privately owned companies. In other words, the village holds a strong entrepreneurial and community spirit.